Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today's lesson

I really need to learn to stop logging onto facebook on Saturday morning. There are too many idiotic postings glorifying various football teams, and almost all of them betray what are seemingly intelligent people. It's a game folks. Say Go Team X all you want, that doesn't bother me. What bugs me is "proud to be a (Insert Mascot)," or "I hate team X," Etc, etc, etc. None of them has ever stepped foot on an athletic field. Get a life!

I will admit I'm a bit sensitive to this issue right now after the Penn State sexual abuse scandal. All of that done in the name of football just makes my blood boil. If Jerry Sandusky had been my neighbor down the street, he would have been in jail years ago, and it would not have been allowed to go on for two decades. Ok, rant over!

I'm off to the lake to hide for a bit longer. I have no internet there, which makes me more productive!

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