Sunday, March 27, 2011

Family Medicine

Soooo, for two weeks I'm was with with a Family Practitioner.

What I learned:

South Florida also has a very large Eastern European much for kicking myself to learn Spanish. It was useful when some of the hispanic patients came in, but obviously useless with the Romanian doctor, the Russian PA, and their patients. Oh yeah, and some Yiddish, too!

I can recognize a pill seeker from a mile away. Addiction specialty anyone?

I am pretty good at talking to people about their personal problems.

COPD is pretty easy to diagnose, lol.

Saw a case of Raynaud's. Two cases of SLE. A couple myasthenia gravis. Sickle cell.

Saw a mom who wanted to put her 13-year old daughter on BC.

Mothers have no business running the office for their sons.

I learned that I really really really enjoy talking to patients be they difficult or cooperative.