Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I am one sharp tack...

- Wow look at this!! My phone screen has all this gunk on it! Let me wipe it off.
- Wow it looks so clear!
- Wait, where are the bubbles??
- Oh...so apparently my protective screen that has been falling apart finally decided to kick the bucket, and fall off without my knowledge.

...I am one sharp tack let me tell you.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Application Time!!!

Applications for residency went out yesterday morning. Can you say freak out?!? I certainly did! I was a nervous wreck most of the morning as I went over my list one more time (and good thing, too, I changed and added a few programs). It was not cheap. And the whole bloody thing is reminiscent of the medical school application process, which wasn't a barrel of laughs either. I was almost shaking as I pressed "Apply." I then spent most of the day worrying about whether or not I get interviews. Sometimes I have zero confidence. It didn't help that it basically rained all day yesterday so I couldn't go for a walk or bike ride to help clear my head.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Adventures in CTAing...

A first! A mechanical problem has stranded me on the Red Line. Oh joy!!

Monday, September 9, 2013


Finished my neurology rotation. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed what I learned and working with this particularly attending. I didn't care so much for his preferred hours. I'm an early bird. I don't mind waking up at six to get to work by seven, or earlier, and leave so I can eat dinner at a reasonable hour.  Dr. Brain is a night owl. He prefers coming in at 11:30 and staying until 8 or later. That means we stayed with him until 8, 8:30 most nights. I felt like I learned A LOT. I got my neuro exam time down to less than thirty minutes. The first time it took me well over an hour. My attending offered me a letter of recommendation. I didn't ask for one. I had planned to, but he offered before I had what I thought was the appropriate chance. So woohoo!

Next up for me is a two week break (what WILL I do with myself??) and then I have three more rotations. I'm going back to Chicago Hope Hospital, and I'm looking forward to it. Chicago Memorial Hospital was a good place to learn, but the nurses there, particularly in the ICU can be real curmudgeons.