Thursday, June 30, 2011

I guess I should give an update, I don't know, haha.
I haven't felt the need to blog as much since I've been back in the States. The blog became a way to keep my friends in the States in touch with my state of mind/activities while I was OUT of the States. Since I've been back unlimited texting and minutes have mitigated the need for a blog. Not to mention it can just be a real bear trying to get all my thoughts cohesively into a post that isn't four pages long.
I'm getting into a study groove, slowly. It's difficult when my attention span is not much better than a four year-old's. Wimbledon hasn't been helping. However, the thought of all of those loans coming due is beginning to kick me into gear. Also, this is so mean, but studying gives me an excuse to ask my parents to leave me alone about stupid little things.

Upon the suggestion of a friend *cough cough Redd cough cough* I bought Adele's 21 CD. Well actually I bought it digitally but who really cares anymore. Don't tell her this but I actually like it. Also, she can never know that I actually do like a few Coldplay songs. She would never let me live that one down.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Things I have learned while in Buenos Aires...

1. Stand back when figuring out how to operate a bidet...
2. WiFi is gold
3. So is sleep on a plane...and the lack thereof can drive one crazy
4. It's friggin cold here!!!
5. Bicycles are silent killers -- and this is NOT  city designed for riding a bicycle
6. Cheap taxis!
7. The pooper scooper is not something highly regarded here
8. Two-buck espresso is ubiquitous.
9. So is Wi-Fi
10. My Spanish is still decent!
11. The Chinese are EVERYWHERE
12. Latin culture is obsessed with many things morbid!