Monday, July 28, 2014


Letting an MS3 practice using a fancy shmancy neurology reflex hammer. He was tapping away at what he thought was my triceps tendon....

...but he found my ulnar nerve instead. 

Thanks bud. I was worried I had lost it. Found it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Is that a bad thing

My first rotation has been neurology. It's been an interesting experience this far. The first few days I felt like a complete moron...but more on that later. 

My new neurology attending came in this week, and started talking to me. After a few minutes she says "You're not from da SousSide and you'll never talk like one." this is a bad thing??

Monday, July 14, 2014

*Pleasure* to make your acquaintance

The new neurology senior resident comes into the room, and you've never laid eyes on him before. He takes your coat off the chair you've been sitting in for half an hour, and says "that's my chair."

He then proceeds to dress you down (in front of everybody) over a note you wrote five days ago on a patient he has yet to lay eyes on (yet he can't even tell you the patient's name). Yeah, it's a real pleasure to meet you. I can't wait to work with you...jerk. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Best Airport Security Agent...Ever

Going through the X-ray machine, and I jokingly say to the TSA agent:

"Strike a pose?"

TSA Agent: "There's nothin' to it."

Win. You're the best TSA agent ever.

You would only get this if you've ever heard the song "Vogue" by Madonna.

First Day of Residency

The First Day of Residency was...overwhelming. I was ten minutes late thanks to what is normally a 35 minute ride taking an hour. I felt so bad. The director and the program coordinator both called and emailed me though. I got my full schedule (start on neurology), and then got what seems like eighty-four volumes of the encyclopedia thrown at me. After a while I felt like Charlie Brown: "wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp." Right...I'll totally commit that forty-seven step process to memory by the time I need it in three days time. Heaven help me. It was also quite hot in that room, and I felt queasy the entire day. Then I get home and I feel all achey, like I'm getting sick. Grand. So I went to bed before 8pm. Two weeks prior I hadn't even been getting home until 10pm, so it was a weird change. It's exciting, more than a little unnerving, but I am looking forward to the coming weeks!