Wednesday, April 23, 2014


For the last few weeks I had bee experiencing a random PAIN in my left hip. 
What kind of pain you say?
The kind that hurts.

It started in my left leg, near what I thought was my quad. Ok, grand. IT band syndrome. A few friends of mine who run get it frequently. But I'm not a neurotic obsessive runner. I do about six miles of cardio two or three times a week. If I weren't working insanely late hours (and a lot of paid overtime) I would love to do a bit more. But I digress...The pain would be random. I would be sitting (read lounging) in my chair at work answering for the 6745th time that day a question that I cannot comprehend why I'm being asked...when this hellish pain would seize my left leg/hip. The pain then started to migrate up into my hip and lower back. Even better!! Now I have either piriformis syndrome or sciatica. Oh goody!!!! Now I either have a hypertrophied muscle, or a nerve/spinal problem. Dear Lord help me. So I start doing stretches. A lot of glute and hamstring stretches while I'm standing there just listening to somebody ask a question that I know is going to result in a transfer to an esoteric customer service agent who just does only that (I just love my job right now...). It seems like it's starting to get better. But it still randomly shoots through my back. I start to freak out. I'm far too young for this!!!

Then I go play tennis. And the pain becomes obvious. I'm out of practice. Right before the onset of the pain I hit for the first time in four months. And ran and hit some serious ball. Oops. I'm still too young for all this...