Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh the Humana-ty!

In between my study time I've turned the TV on a few times, and without fail during at least one commercial break is a commercial for the Humana health insurance company. I tend to be wary and skeptical any time I hear someone bang on about their beneficial program, especially in the last few years with the Health Care Insurance...erm...stuff. These Humana commercials look like something my middle school AV squad came up with...yes please take responsibility for my health care even though you're too cheap to make a proper commercial...that gives me confidence! Either that or they're preying on the uneducated and/or stupid. Perhaps it's a play for the "good ole boys" to say, "well lookathere, what a no nonsense commercial. These people must be honest. They're not some giant, slick corporation."

The best part of it all is in one of the commercials they use blocks of Swiss Cheese to demonstrate the difference between different plans and supplements. Paraphrase: "Policy X leaves this HUGE hole right here, and many others. Policy Y has a smaller hole, but it's still there. With Humana that big hole is gone!" As he says this he holds up a piece of Swiss cheese that is still riddled with holes and says, "With Humana there are far fewer holes in your plan!" So let me get this straight, you fill what you claim is one really big hole, but I'm still buying a hunk of hole-riddled Swiss Cheese?? So there are still holes in my coverage?? This is right after you tell me how broad in scope and effective your plan is. Have you got two mouths or are you just talking out of both sides of only one?

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