Saturday, November 5, 2011

The type of humor only a medical student would get

We indentured servants, er, Medical Students, over time develop our own, ahem, unique sense of humor. Some of it is derived out of necessity, because more often than not if we didn't laugh we'd be giving ourselves lobotomies. Some of it develops naturally, because who else is going to find something like the following funny:

(Playing Words with Friends, and as such using the little chat feature, when I probably should have been studying um, something).

Me: oh you needed vowels...I had four os.....(intending to type O's, but it just didn't work out that way)
Me again: and if I get even one cervix or uterus joke I will kill you...

Opponent (also a medical student): lol, hahaHa (verbatim what he said). Sidenote...why do we type lol....and then HAHAHA??? I do it myself, and ask myself why even as I type it. I still send it, though.

Click here if you need to know what an "os" is... No it's not some pretentious pronunciation of the word "ass," as my brother asked...

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