Friday, July 27, 2012

Night float Update...with some kvetching

Yeah...even I'm annoyed that I keep writing about night float. I'm trying really hard not to be grumpy about it but it's consuming everything. I go in on Monday and Friday nights at 7. And leave the next day. I then have Tuesday and Thursday off. Why the kvetching so you say? Welllll, I also have to be at the hospital on Tuesday morning at 8am, Wednesday at 730am, and Friday at 8am. So, my sleep schedule is all farkakte. I get grumpy. I get disoriented. Days run together. I'm not a night owl. I do not like staying up late. I never have. So two more weeks of this unpleasantness. I am perfectly fine with being at the hospital from 7am to 7 or 8 at night. Not a big deal. Those hours between midnight and six...yeah, we've never been been properly introduced. I don't think we'll ever get along.

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