Thursday, July 19, 2012

Night Call

So I'm sure anyone who actually reads this is dying to know how my first week on overnight call has gone. Truthfully? Exhausting.

My shift with Awesome Partner began at 7pm, and there were nonstop admissions until 4am. It was intense, but in a good way. We saw:

A patient who coded four times, going out on his fourth code. I got to practice my compressions on this way. It was a bit surreal. I had never done it before, and a real body has a lot more give to it than those plastic dummies they teach you on.

A patient who had asymmetric facial features due to half her face being smashed in an MVA. In addition, there were possible absence seizures (she went into one in the middle of my exam, which was bizarre), and a suspected TIA. Just a really interesting case.

Yet another pancreatitis case, which must've been about the fifth in a week.

The rest of the cases weren't remarkable enough for me to actually remember them, unfortunately. But I feel like I did learn a fair bit!!

The next two days however...I literally had to try to think. After a Tuesday morning lecture, we had the rest of the day off, during which I hoped to get some sleep. Alas, no. I got about two hours of sleep the entire day, and thankfully went to bed very early because I had to be back at the hospital at 7am on Wednesday for a day shift. Hence the inability-to-think part.

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