Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Intense Night

My clock says 1715. I just woke up (from a fuzzy dream) about twenty-five minutes ago after about six hours of MUCH-needed sleep. I had an intense night at the hospital whereby we were on constant call until about 5am. We saw, among others:
A patient with DKA, diabetic foot ulcer, HTN, and an above-the-knee amputation
A patient with radiating chest pain an nausea with a history of three MIs
A patient with vomiting x 3 days, history of pyelonephritis and chronic kidney injury with a BUN of 51 and a creatinine of 3.44. No wonder she was loopy. Nephrology was consulted...
A patient with : SOB, chest pain, back pain a history of (take a deep breath) CHF, COPD, CAD, cardiomyopathy, chronic pain, HTN, depression, and the poor guy couldn't pee. When the patient was catheterized, 1600mL of urine came out of the bladder in about two minutes. Two minutes later there was almost 2000mL (that's a two liter bottle of coke folks!) in the bag. OUCH!!

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