Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Le sigh...maybe there's a lesson here.

After my royal hissy fit the other day about an absolutely BAD day I've had a chance to do a bit of reflecting. (This means I have thought about it constantly due to the fact that I wanted to be violently ill that entire night. Awesome Partner has said that she couldn't stop thinking about it either.)

So...with that in mind. I don't know why that day was just destined to be bad, but it was. Whoever coordinates the sh**list at Chicago Hope Hospital drew our names out of a hat on Monday and spread the word. You win!!!!!

I always try to say hello and be polite to nurses. I learned a long time ago, and have said so in numerous interviews and discussions about the practice of medicine, that nurses are a doctor's best friend on the floor. But I guess sometimes I slip, or people don't hear me, or I'm in hurry and I don't really care if I'm actually being polite because I feel like my bum is on the line. Not the best way to be, I know, but if I'm going to rant and rave about somebody else's shortcomings shouldn't I be at least marginally honest about my own? Something to work on...

The following day we indeed were working with Psycho Nurse Lady again. The next day was perfectly fine. I still don't understand WHY this nurse went off on us, because Awesome Partner said hello...and I hadn't even had the chance. I told my attending that, indeed, we were not given a chance to be polite. But it doesn't really matter does it? Perception is what is remembered--such as my perception of how I felt I was treated by the nurse and the doctor. Everyone is going to have bad days. I certainly do. But I think it's nasty how we take our bad days out on other people.

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