Monday, July 29, 2013

What a Day!!!

My day began with a patient that has been driving nurses crazy since she walked in. A 29 year old with End Stage Renal Disease, morbidly obese, enlarged heart (duh) and BAD attitude. Hardly ten minutes would go by when she doesn't need something completely unrelated to her health. I need a pillow. This is too many pillows. I'm hungry. (Family brings two slabs of ribs and a bucket of mac'n'cheese). My stomach hurts! Well no crap Jessica Fletcher, you just ate an entire cow. I wanna go home, let's get me home. I don't care if this medicine is supposed to get me better, let's fix the immediate problem. I don't want to take that medicine, I doesn't work. No I've never taken it before but I know it isn't gonna work. I don't mean to be overly cynical, but honestly half of this chick's problem is her attitude, and a likely diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder!!!

After THAT, my partners and I got stuck in an elevator for about ten minutes. And one had a panic attack. Oh, and did I mention the A/C wasn't working very well so the ICU got uncomfortably hot with two dozen people stuffed in there, computers running, and people running about. What.A.Day!!!

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