Sunday, July 28, 2013

Paging Mother Nature

It's 56 degrees, like a November or December day in Georgia. I feel like there should be football on TV. It is literally 50 degrees cooler than this time last year. I vividly remember for about three weeks I would be getting on the bus about 6am and it would already be over 90 degrees. Some days there would even be a very hot wind blowing off the lake. Give me 50s and 60s in July any day of the week. Of course, this may mean that we are in for a very cold winter. Every month this year in Chicago has been colder month over month from the last two years. This past winter it didn't start snowing regularly until January, quite late from what I understand. I had OB/GYN in December with a Chicago native and he said he couldn't believe how warm it was for December (it was below freezing most every day). I found that I did not mind the cold one bit. So I say bring it on! This weather reminds of me of fall, my favorite time of year, and it's a nice-weird feeling to have in July. 

In other news, my ICU rotation has been going very well. I have to go in six days a week (we have arranged it so two of us get one of the weekend days off). Yesterday I was up at five and after taking a very long shower which mostly consisted of standing there and whining I don't wannnnnaaaaaa go in todayyyyyyy I was at the hospital by 645, seeing a few patients that were my parters'. I was done by 8, anticipating that's when the doctor would actually show up. Oh nay. Apparently there was a health fair at the hospital that Governor Quinn made an hour-long appearance at. My attending being the chief of staff naturally had to make an appearance. That would've been nice to know as we sat around for three hours until he showed up. On top of that, he is Muslim and it's Ramadan. Your breath starts to stink when you don't eat as your metabolism switches a bit. I spoke about this with another student who is Muslim, and apparently some people won't put anything but water in their mouths. As a result, a good four feet were needed between my sensitive nose and the attending.

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