Thursday, December 27, 2012

Today's lesson

The first good snow of the year in Chicago came on Christmas Day. I awoke to find a clear sky, and could see Indiana with no problem. I did some work on my computer and twenty minutes later looked up to find that I couldn't even see the wall next to my window, much less the street below. It was snowing quite heavily. I became unnecessarily excited. Later that day, a few friends and I were walking along the lake enjoying the snow, and I was still excited. One of my friends is from Northern Ontario, and she's looking at me bemusedly saying "This is nothing. I'm still wearing my high heels!"

This afternoon, I was at a clinic and had to drive through downtown to get home, and it started to snow again, heavily. I have never driven in snow so I was a little nervous. My dad tried to teach me, but I've never had practice. So I did what I could, slow acceleration etc etc, and got through a slick spot with little muss. After I parked my car, I quickly observed that I'd rather walk in snow than slush.

And thus today's lesson: Slushy sidewalks and dress shoes do not a match make.

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