Saturday, May 12, 2012

Played catcher...

In the delivery for many babies this week!!! The primary purpose of my nursery rotation (apparently) has been to learn what to do with newborns. They really don't care much about getting them out...but more so what to do in the few hours after they come out. So while we get called into the delivery room, we're rarely there more than fifteen minutes, which is a different kettle of fish from Labor and Delivery (obviously). In the nursery, the neonatologist is called in to make sure nothing is wrong if the baby isn't screaming when it comes out. And my god can they scream!! For something so tiny, they have supercharged lungs. If all is well, we clean them off, clear out any gunk that may be in their mouth and nose, and take all the necessary vitals. Sometimes the baby comes back to the nursery, and sometimes it stays with the mom. It just depends on the situation.

That part of the rotation was very interesting. And the hours delightful. The doctor told me she'd prefer I stay in the nursery until about 1:30...and then I could go, but she would like me to read. Excuse me??? Come again??? 1:30??? I was lucky to eat LUNCH by 1:30 in my previous rotation. I ended up staying until 4 most days because 1) there were indeed interesting things (like deliveries) occurring and 2) I find it easier to read and study while not at home.

My brother and his girlfriend were here for most of the week, so they also factored into my not leaving. We made plans to eat at various restaurants, most of them between the hospital and my apartment, so it made little sense to go through downtown to get home, just to turn around and come back to eat. I enjoyed having them here, but I am quite glad to reclaim my living room!!!

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