Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Adventures in CTAing

Inspired by yesterday's whopper of a DUMBASS, from time to time I think I shall update the world on my observations in CTAing. (CTA is the Chicago public transportation system).

This one was a particular gem...
I'm on the bus, minding my own business, and I see this mass of HAIR get on the bus. Think Tina Turner or circa-1986 Stevie Nicks and you'll have some idea as to the sheer volume of HAIR being discussed--this thing had its own ZIP code. My first thought was I want an autograph!!! My second thought was Wow!! She's got great hair!! So, while I was waiting for Stevie to stand back or Tina to finally be good to me*, I noticed a lump in a place not normally associated with the female sex. I then noticed that the lumps normally associated with the female sex weren't to be seen. Ahh, I stand corrected. HE'S got great hair. And what a wonderful job of feathering he did...

*If you get either of those references I will give you two thumbs up!

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