Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pine resin

Very strangely, I smelled pine resin everywhere I went today. I smelled it outside the hospital. I smelled it downtown (where there aren't a ton trees) and I smelled it near my apartment. Either I'm about to have the worst migraine in the history of humanity, or the sap is seriously flowing in Chicago...
It should be noted that I have an obnoxiously acute sense of smell. On the island I could frequently distinguish which Chinese restaurant people had brought food from simply by the smell...and it didn't even have to be close to me. Or frequently I get traces of weed or cigarette smoke several minutes before other people do if we're walking around town and someone is smoking. In my mind, I attribute it to working in a lab with chemicals, many of which didn't smell too great. And the chemicals I worked with ran the gammet as far as smells were concerned, so I think I became acutely aware of what I was smelling. Sometimes it was an issue of safety (some things one SHOULDN'T smell) and sometimes it was just the way my brain observes my surroudings. Odd isn't it?

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