Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Road Rage Rants...

1. If you drive in the left lane 10mph below the speed limit and there isn't a traffic jam, I reserve the right to tase your ass. Period. Paragraph.

2. Mechanical/technical support vehicles with blinky lights do not mean "slow down 20mph." They mean "Hey, parked vehicle over here. Don't hit me and go on with your daily life." 

3. On a similar vein, with respect to Atlanta...there are no deadman's or hairpin curves anywhere in this city's interstate system. You do not need to slow down 20mph to go around a curve (accel/decel ramps excluded). That sports sedan will not fly off the road. 

4. And also...a police officer who has his lights on, but is pulled over on the side of the interstate and is not even in his not going to leave the vehicle he has already pulled over to come chase you down. And, just FYI, slowing down by 10-20mph is not going to prevent him from dying if he decides to jump out in front of your car on a whim. Continue driving at your current speed you schmuck. 

5. I have no problem with people using their cellphone while driving. I do however, have a problem with people giving the cellphone a higher priority than the road. If you need the other person to repeat themselves then by all means ask. If they have a problem with that, tell them to get bent.

6. You are just as likely to die from drifting out of your lane whether or not that concrete barrier is there during construction. You do not need to slow down to 40mph. The lane has not gotten any narrower.  

7. There is a reason we have these amazing things called "Acceleration lanes!" In Atlanta they are quite long, and they serve a purpose. Note to some: gravity alone will not fulfill that purpose!! Use that long thin pedal on the right.

...and this was just today's leisurely stroll on I-85 and the Perimeter.

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