Friday, January 6, 2012

Maybe it all hasn't been in vain...

So after almost a month of shredding my fingernails and anxiously checking my email and waiting for the mail patiently waiting, my USMLE Step 1 results finally arrived. Before checking the results I had a mild panic attack, and I don't believe I breathed while checking the scores. What went through my head was something along these lines: Dear God in heaven please have let me passed because otherwise the last two years of my life have been for naught. Should I really open this up...because if I just leave the results unknown in perpetuity there is still a chance I may have passed. Oh my god, I know I missed that question and that question and that question, ok I got that one right but what about all the others???? Oh my god. Just let me die now if I didn't pass. Okay...the last part is slightly melodramatic, but hey, I'm not a monument to perfection. After opening the attached link, the tracking down the appropriate username and password, clicking on the next link, then waiting for it to download, THEN opening the downloaded pdf...I saw the result. After all that, the only thing that went through my head was, next.

...stay tuned for what will assuredly be more kvetching about the cumbersome nature of organizing clinical rotations...but for now...I'll attempt to do another cartwheel.

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