Sunday, January 15, 2012

Australian Open Looming

Historically at this time of year I would be absolutely stoked for the Australian Open to start. This year, I'm just meh. It's probably because after Novak Djokovic's table-running last season, I don't see prospects for much different happening. In addition...nobody is playing well. Federer has flashes of brilliance, but I don't think he can hack it in a best of five in Australia. Rafa MIGHT have a bee in his bonnet about losing to Djoker six straight times in finals last year, and want to do something about it. Wouldn't you? But can he actually beat Djoker with a bum shoulder and a tweaked knee?

With regards to the women, I would say Clijsters, but her play has been less than mediocre ever since winning last year's tournament. I was going to say Kvitova until she took a mental walkabout in the Sydney tournament in a big match against another headcase, last year's finalist Li Na. And Serena Williams? Please just go away, or at least stop talking. I want to love you, I want to say you're so great that you're untouchable, and every time I start open your mouth.

The last time a grand slam was on I was hunkered down and studying for the comp, and only got to see night matches, or ones that I KNEW were going to be good. I had to skip most matches. NOT THIS TIME!!!

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