Thursday, January 19, 2012


One of my favorite stores sent out one of those emails telling me that EVERYTHING IS 70% OFF AND YOU GET FREE SHIPPING (on all purchases of over $150). I was browsing through the offerings, but not really impressed with much of anything they had on offer. I wasn't surprised really, as I haven't liked anything they've put out this season, but maybe that will change when the spring/summer stuff goes on sale. And I was just annoyed. Every model was probably the absolutely thinnest person they could find, with the exception of the underwear models. They find the biggest, beefiest models they can find for that foolishness.  You'd think if stores wanted to actually sell their crap they'd make it so normal sized people can wear it. Most people aren't an XS...I know because during many clearance sales the only sizes you can find are XS and XL+.

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