Friday, December 2, 2011


Beyond tired of over zealous Psychofacebookmoms, and my friend list has over two dozen new or young moms. Your child was cute until picture number 6,734—and that’s just this month’s crop. Also, I really do not care what cutesy thing your child had to say. I hope I remember this when and if I have children, but listen up; your children are only interesting to you. Sadly, because I know of the parent-child relationship in many of these cases, I look at the postings by the overzealous Psychofacebookmoms and I see a spoiled brat in the works. Remember, brats are the product of lousy parenting. After that thought runs through my brain for the millionth time, another occurs to me—this child’s sure-to-be-histrionic teenage years will be penance enough for subjecting hundreds of innocent Facebookers to never ending pictures, anecdotes, and not-so-cutesy quotes. Your child is a child, and needs to be appreciated as such. They did not hang the moon. Since I’ve noticed the vast majority of psychofacebookmoms only have one child, the recommended treatment should be the crank out another kid—STAT. Note: I have PLENTY of friends with children who aren't guilty of being a Psychofacebookmom.

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