Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rainy Day...where's the ark...

26 January 2010
I just noticed that on my Bulletin (to do list) I’ve still been writing 2009...EPIC FAIL. Today was a bit of a hectic day. After waking up around 5 to catch the Nadal-Murray match that Rafa had to retire from (epic fail on my part for losing two + hours of sleep for THAT), I then waited around for the laundry guy to come and pick up my laundry. I was amazed that I actually got up. If only class could inspire me the way Rafa Nadal does...I guess shouldn’t complain about door-to-door laundry, BUT, he didn’t show up in time for me to leave and get to class on time. Since as I was tired, and because of Mr. Late Messenger I just got back in the bed. I can do that now that the five screaming children that used to live in the house next to me are gone. Before, they would be up at the crack of dawn trying to see who was going to win that day’s screaming contest. I didn’t ever go back to sleep, but just for two hours I laid there and enjoyed the room actually being cold, and the sound of the rain. Around ten I finally schlepped myself out of the bed and got a shower. I then proceeded to watch (on double speed of course!) the two lectures that I just slept through :P I then went to campus, and the rain came down again! I was wearing rubber sandals so I was sliding all over the place in my shoes. My road is not paved, and is riddled with low spots so I was having to dodge them and the cars. If I had half a brain in my head I would have taken a picture because it was really ridiculous.

Class was, as usual, BORING. The DPS lecture was so mundane I was five slides ahead of the guy most of the time. He talked SO SLOW I could have driven to Cleveland in the time it took him to get some words out...I swear people who make their living speaking in front of people who have to sit in a classroom all day should be given some instruction in public speaking. Inflection does wonders for the attention!

After DPS it was back to the apartment where I got changed for Neuro and Phi Delta Epsilon meetings. We had to be in “Professional” attire. As I started to walk back to campus, of course it started to rain again. The meetings were nondescript. We went to Tomato’s afterward where I ordered what looked like an appetizing salad, with shrimp and feta. I was assuming the shrimp would we at least warmed up, oh no, it was cocktail shrimp that looked rather vulcanized. That would have been fine were it not for the lifetime supply of black olives that had been dumped on top of the salad...I hate black olives, and only like kalamatta olives in small doses. I probably spent at least five minutes picking them out of my salad and had an appreciable little pile.

Upon walking back I just got soaked, completely. The rain was STILL coming down and hard. My road--what road! It was a shallow river all the way up. There literally was nowhere to walk without walking in water!

I’m pretty tired so I’m probably going to fall asleep as soon as I get through this lecture on hormones and I’m going to attempt to get through some of the Vitamin lectures...whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

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