Friday, January 15, 2010


Every time I hear the word "pons" the song "Pon de Replay" starts going through my head. WHY WHY WHY!?!?! I can't stand Rihanna...stupid music association. My brain for some reason or another can conjure up a song for just about any word/idea/color/circumstance. Sometime's it's cool but other times it's really annoying.

I was just now sitting in PBL 5 and heard a train whistle. What's the big deal you ask...well, Dominica has no railroads -- much less trains. Imagine my confusion. Are people here so bored or feel so left out that they have to create the illusion that this island is big enough to warrant having a train to hear????

"The Jews are in the room next door doing their...JEW thing..." -- ~ Pillow Pants, just now

I feel like a heel. For several years I persistently made fun of the "Mac is better crowd." I now have to count myself as one of them. It's pathetic... However, the PC is saying "don't send me to the grave just yet!" I have a 1TB external hard drive that I had been using to back up my PC (essential, I have learned!). Apparently that function has made it impossible to write to the external hard drive on any other computer. Since said PC is in the States, I can only pull information off the hard drive, but adding or changing the stuff directly on it is impossible at the moment without reformatting it. Since I don't want to reformat it without the other computer near me (remember it's the one whose backup files will be deleted) I'm going to have to wait until that computer gets here...AHHHH FRUSTRATION!

Now that I have the computer I would really love to find the notebook of X11 commands that I had when I was doing a lot of work with Dr. Metzker. All her systems were Mac-based and everything was done on the command line instead of the GUI which was really cool. Now, I don't know what I would NEED the command line for when I love the Leopard GUI, but the fact that I was once stupidly competent at it means that a) I could do it again and b) I could get better at it. Mostly I'd like it just for the novelty of it, but whatever, lol. I would love to say I'm willing to figure it out as I go but I'm well aware that one futz key stroke and EVERYTHING I've done is GONE! I just keep thinking of that scene in The Net where Jack Devlin hits the escape key and millions of files are eaten through in I really need to elaborate further on that? Sidenote: I love that movie. I still remember the first time I saw it. I was sitting in my parent's den watching TV when I turned to HBO, and the movie came on during a scene where Angela Bennett (Sandra Bullock) was driving an at the time brand new BMW 5-series (I was really into cars at that age), so I stopped just to check out the car, haha. Then the cops pull her over and blah blah blah the movie goes from there. I've loved Sandra Bullock ever since.

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