Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just milling about...

Ah what to say, what to say. I don't have any snippets of profundity, but I have several humorous moments.

* Somehow, someway, I managed to lock myself OUT of my bathroom. It's a door that never gets locked, and rarely gets closed, yet somehow I managed to get it closed AND locked... epic fail. I was closing it because at that time of day the sun comes in the bathroom window and I was trying to keep the room a little cooler. Either the little man who turns the refrigerator light on and off had was feeling frisky or I'm a complete retard... You be the judge. I rescind from voting.

* Yesterday I was in class, and had put my scrub bottoms on over my shorts because it was subarctic in this room. I didn't, however, tie the knot. I sat like this for about a half an hour, and thus forgot about my failure to tie the bloody knot. I promptly stood up to talk to my Canuck who was a few seats down, and by the time I had gotten to her seat the scrub bottoms were around my knees. Hot, right? It was awkward and funny at the same time. I mean, I still had my shorts on, but nonetheless...OOPS.

* I realized I've become a juice snob since coming here. For all the lackluster food Dominica has to offer the juice is fantastic. When I was in Chicago a few weeks ago the hotel had guava juice as art of the breakfast buffet. Well, I love guava juice. this juice, however, was a poor imitation of what I now know to be "guava" juice. I thought to myself Dear God this place is leaving it's mark on me. AHHHH! We can't have that happen ;)

* We had our first dissection yesterday. Once again I'm placed into the A (of A, B, & C), so we get the first dissection. Oh goody. Put 150 people in the same room who haven't the foggiest idea what's going on -- recipe for success, no? Well, the first assignment is to remove the brain. Oh sure! No problem. Never mind that the skull was still intact...they had initially wanted everybody to use a freakin' hack saw to take the skull off but the saws were dull and there weren't enough to go around...nobody wanted to be there all day... SO...we ended up having to wait while a proctor game around with SuperMan's Dremel 6100 and saw off the skull. That of course was an adventure in and of itself. Everyone who's been to the dentist for anything other than a cleaning knows that wonderful burned bone smell...multiply that by a factor of two hundred or so, and then multiply it again for 30 skulls...BLEGH! Throw in for fun dodging a few bone fragments and it was a real time! One person who was at a table already de-braining (what do you call that process? Should I know this??) their cadaver can pelted when a bone fragment right in her temple. Rather funny.

Getting back into the groove of studying isn't any fun, I don't care who you are! Breaks are a sick joke. It takes a whopping three days to get out of your study rhythm, but it can take two to three weeks to FIND that groove again. Same rule applies for your forehand by the way...

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