Monday, January 25, 2010

Aussie Open!

Like an rabid obsessed tennis fan I've been following the Australian Open this past week. Thankfully, the scheduling of the matches and the time difference actually allows me to watch without sacrificing much studying. The matches are usually televised around 10/11pm when I am scholastically impotent, so cool, right?!?

I've been thoroughly enjoying watching Justine Henin. She was always one of my favorite players before she retired in '08 and women's tennis was really boring without her. It had nobody grounding the dramatics of the Serena-Sharapova diva machine or anchoring the musical-chairs do-si-do for the No. 1 ranking. I wonder though how her little body can hold up until she gets more matches under her belt...

Tonight/tomorrow morning is what should hopefully be a really good match between Rafa and Andy Murray. Nothing against Andy Murray's style but it's one of those boring I'd-rather-watch-paint-dry styles. He just lollipops the ball back and 3/4 and waits for an odd angle and the commentators just SWOON and trip over their tongues for him. Well, it's effective and a smart way to play but it isn't the first time we've ever seen anybody play like that. Michael Change or Lleyton Hewitt anyone? There's a reason Murray hasn't won any majors yet and it's because of his patticake style wears HIM out by the later rounds. Oh yeah, and did I mention it's totally uninspiring to watch. So, my plan is to get to sleep a little early tonight (we'll see if that ACTUALLY happens) and get up early to catch the match.

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