Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rolling right along

Anesthesia has been ok. Nothing terrific. Nothing that I really feel has been overly enjoyable (or unenjoyable for that matter) so I'm just kind of getting through it. Meh. What can you do. 

I don't have a ton of stories to tell, because a lot of the patient interaction is short, limited to pre-anesthesia stuff (I'd love to but I don't have time for your story today, I just need your meds and surgical history, kthnxbai that's all). I frequently get called to help out my partners because neither of them speak Spanish and at least half of our patients only speak Spanish, and I speak enough to get through an interview. So that's that.

In the OR I've tried intubation almost every day, but it isn't clicking yet. IVs I've been pretty successful with, but the tricky ones still prove...well tricky. Beyond frustrating are the IVs where I get the needle in the vein, but then lose the blood flow for various reasons such as bad veins, collapsed veins, the needle going through the other side of the vein because I inaccurately anticipated a curve in the vein. When such events happen I have to inform the patient that a nurse will be sticking them a second time, because I the lowly student am only allowed one stick. 

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