Monday, October 7, 2013

Interview Season Has Begun!

...and I'm (predictably) a neurotic mess on the inside. I try to contain it outwardly--because who really cares. I make little jokes about myself and how I check my phone all the time like I expect to get an email from a program. I have a few interviews lined up, but I always want more (insert laugh here). 

In reality there is no rhyme or reason to which program selects me for an interview as opposed to programs that have chosen to decline me for an interview. And that drives me nuts. 

In local news, anesthesia is rolling right along. And I find it not my favorite. But it's still somewhat interesting. I'm trying to do more intubations and IVs. I'm attempting more difficult ones so my success rate has gone down. On Friday I attempted one with tiny veins, and I ended up going through the vein. Today I tried one that not only rolled, but only half of it rolled so a straight line turned into an S. I have a new respect for nurses.

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