Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Anesthesia...but I don't feel anything...

The past week or so I've been back at Chicago Hope Hospital. It's been quite nice, and a little surreal. I spent close to a year at this place, being here every single day, and then I left for quite some time, to return and have a lot of things look, sound, and smell the same. A lot of memories came flooding back. It's quite rare for me to return to a place once I've left it. I must say it is a much more pleasant environment than Chicago Memorial Hospital. Getting here is much easier and/or pleasant than Chicago Memorial because I can take an express bus to an el line, and it moves much quicker. The staff is infinitely more pleasant and friendly, and much more open to interaction than the staff at Chicago Memorial. I'm glad I decided to schedule my last three electives here. 

So...now to anesthesia. How boring can one discipline be?? The science is indeed quite interesting, the practice of it does nothing for me. It's about ten minutes of work, then over an hour of doing nothing in the hopes that indeed nothing happens. The anesthesiologist and CRNA spend a lot of time on their eReaders and what not. I've been able to do a few things such as:
 Insert an LMA
Attempt an intubation -- due to uncertainty I haven't quite landed one yet.
Successfully figured out how to insert IVs
Induced with general anesthesia, which with the IV isn't that thrilling.
Observed a prostate ablation -- which looks quite frightening when done with a laser.

All in all I'm confident in saying that I'm glad I didn't  choose anesthesia or ever have strong interest in it.

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