Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cardiology Update

Cardiology at Chicago Memorial Hospital has been a pretty intense challenge thus far!! We only meet for a few hours a day, but a lot is packed into those days. I knew going into this that my knowledge of EKGs could use some improvement, and I have been given a crash course in EKGs. Apparently not one to baby us, the attending gives all of about thirty seconds to review and EKG, which has really made me realize how much sharpening I need! I have gone home every day reviewing the days topics and researching the homework assignments, and some of it is starting to make a little more sense. Some of it is going to take a little more review. But that is why I chose this rotation at this point in my schedule. I knew that going into my USMLE Step 2 CK there would be plenty of cardiac cases, and an intense Cardiology elective would only benefit me. During the Basic Sciences part of my curriculum EKGs were certainly introduced, but mostly the theory behind them. Very little was discussed regarding the interpretation of them. Obviously that is of equal or importance to the theory. Until this week I hadn't received much instruction in it.  

We have also reviewed a lot of echocardiograms, which I have had zero experience with. That has been an equal challenge as well!

It has been an interesting experience and odd feeling thus far being scheduled for electives and as an MS4. It means I've come a long way, and am on the "downhill" slope to my MD. It's a little overwhelming to think of everything that I've forced myself to do over the last few years!!

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