Friday, April 5, 2013

Adventures in CTAing

Two in one night folks!!

For starters, I'm taking the El downtown to meet a friend for dinner then head to another friend's for a birthday party, when I see two guys board the train at opposite ends and start yelling and swearing at each other in what appears to be a rather heated argument. My first thought was oh crap I'm going to be caught in the middle of a fight.
Guy One: Why you fuck her?!?
Guy Two: 'Cuz it's free easy pussy!!! She ain't got no teef, she suck dick real good. At first when took out dem teef I was like whoa, but then she suck my dick so good I had to fuck her. this point I'm stunned. And haven't a clue what to do. I am trying very hard not to laugh.

Later, my friend and I are waiting for our train, when we come upon this gem: two elderly Chinese people playing Hava nagila. It was awesome

Have a better understanding why I hate taking my car in Chicago??

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