Monday, March 25, 2013

Cardiology Day 1

Today was my first day back in rotations after a four week break. I was ready to get back to work and have something to do each day, as the last few days of my break I thought I was tempted to start counting my teeth I was so bored at times. You'd think time off would be great, but it isn't as great when everybody else is busy at work or at the hospital. I have very few jobless friends or friends who work late shifts.

So today I made my way to my new hospital for the next few months, Chicago Memorial Hospital. Aficionados of The Fugitive will get my reference. Because I was a new student, I had to endure the lovely New Student Orientation. Which is basically the hospital playing CYA. Concomitant with my first day was the new group of Core Rotation track students at Chicago Memorial Hospital. This was me last year at Chicago Hope Hospital. All the white coats were pristine. All the students had a deer-in-headlights expression, and they all sat stone-stiff. There was a smaller group of students like me, MS4s scheduled for electives, relegated to the back corner. We were much more relaxed, and didn't have to be told to dive for the doughnuts. If I'm being completely honest the whole thing made me a bit cranky, too. Much of the discussion was oriented toward the third years, and not that I think I'm too good to be instructed, but I wanted to be on the floor with my preceptor, not listening to yet another pseudo-inspiration speech about the practice of medicine.

I quickly reflected on everything I'd done in the past year and wondered if I too looked this green when I began my rotations. I also wondered if, like the previous year, the Chicago Hope and Chicago Memorial Hospital students would ever mix. The two hospitals are less than two miles apart and I don't think we ever mixed at parties or student get togethers, which to me is a bit sad. Perhaps I can do something about that in the coming months.

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