Sunday, February 3, 2013


As psychiatry has allowed me significantly more time to take care of not only personal matters, but academic ones as well (ie I actually have time to read about all this stuff being crammed into my helpless little medical student brain) I have been able to attack, with relish, the stack of books that I inevitably collect. My current book is County: Life and Death and Politics at Chicago's Public Hospital by David Ansell. It details many of the conditions, changes, and continued changes faced by John Stroger Hospital of Cook County (still colloquially known as "County").

Many doctors and medical staff recommend that students read The House of God. I've read that and do agree that it is an important read. I feel, however, that it is a little outdated, though no less relevant to learn and understand. The book was a seminal work in influencing some of the recent reforms made in the last few years toward the work environment residents and interns are placed in. As such I'm always on the lookout for new material, and County is now on my list!

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