Thursday, February 14, 2013

Am I high or stoned? I can't really tell.

In the last two weeks in Chicago the temperature has fluctuated approximately 40 degrees. It finally caught up with my sinuses, and last night I could feel the drip drip clog clog gunky feeling in the back of my throat that sure enough, I was going to feel lousy the next day. Sure enough, this morning I couldn't breathe through my nose at all and my throat felt like it was in a sling. I had some decongestant medication in the cabinet and I took one. Later in the day I was having all the trouble in the world concentrating. My head felt like it was on the ground floor, but my brain was definitely a level or two higher. It was definitely a medication side effect, and I just sat there thinking, as a schizophrenic lady was muttering to the elephants she couldn't help but see, People take this for enjoyment??

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