Sunday, February 3, 2013

Miss Thang

We had a patient come to the outpatient substance abuse clinic. From the moment this girl walked into she had "Hot.Mess.Express" written all over her. She barely wasted a minute. She had relapsed on her alcohol abuse, didn't want to go to meetings because she didn't want every one (at an AA meeting...) to judge her for relapsing, she was constantly having problems that weren't hers at work, and on and on and on. At one point she was so adamant about not going to her meetings because she would be judged the doctor interrupted her and said "That's bullshit. You're making excuses."  All the while she is basically lounging in a chair meant for sitting (say hello to your inevitable back problems in fifteen years) and wore enormous sunglasses, and would not take them off. It was somewhat difficult for me to concentrate on what she was saying because these sunglasses were each the size of Montana. All I could think of was Miss Thang, you aren't Anna Wintour, please take off those giant shades.

After she walked out, I looked over to the doctor and mouthed "Borderline." 

"Yup. Any time a patient pisses me off, there's a good chance they're borderline. Don't get sucked into that."

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