Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Day Just Got Better

Thought the events of yesterday morning and the Coffee Caper were ridiculous and hillarious, the afternoon almost equaled it.

Dr. Simon (one of my favorite surgeons to scrub with) had a late afternoon AV graft case. After the patient was draped, the field sterilize, and Dr. Simon and Egyptian Assistant scrubbed in, Dr. Simon looks at the patient's arm and proclaims that they patient has not been sterilized properly/to his satisfaction, and that the entire setup must be repeated. Having irked half the surgery staff he proceeds to stand up, and turns around and walks straight into the cart that contains all of his sterile instruments, sending a bowl full of water and several vascular clamps crashing to the floor. He looked very hard like he was trying to blame somebody, but couldn't, because it was obviously he.

"This cart looks like it's missing a wheel!" The cart clearly had four wheels...Dr. Simon then left the room to wait for the patient to be redressed. Egyptian Assistant then looks at me and Awesome Partner, points to her and says with a smile, "You, you can come in. But he, he has to go home. Go away!!! He cannot come in! This never happen before! Ever! He is jinx!!!" It's understandable. Nearly every time I've scrubbed with Dr. Simon something complicated happens. Yet he continues to let me scrub in...

And that's a true story.

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