Monday, November 26, 2012

Adventures in CTAing

Saturday morning I made my way downtown for a bit in a vain attempt to locate some Christmas ornaments (located the next day). I explored and shopped for a little, then decided my endeavour was futile and began to make my way back home.

Usually on the bus I either have a book or find something esoteric to read from Wikipedia. Today's topic was The Iron Curtain, and it's subsequent fall. Thrilling, no? As I was reading, the bus proceeds along its merry way. At some point I received a text from Awesome Partner's boyfriend. Not a daily occurrence but not unusual either, so I finished my article and answered his text.

Him: "So what are you up to today, sir?"

Me: "Hey hey. Just doing a few errands. Enjoying the cold weather and Christmas music. Yourself?"

Him: "Me not much. Riding the bus, check out this creeper." -- accompanying this text is a picture of me...reading his text message. 

He had boarded the bus and sat down about three seats away and I hadn't even noticed so engrossed was I in Poland's Solidarity movement and the CeauČ™escus' execution. I took a second for me to register what was happening (I'm one sharp tack, let me tell you), and then I jumped and did a quick take, and he was there smirking at me from across the aisle. Such a creeper.

We had a good laugh about it and chatted until he alighted the bus. Creeper!

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