Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Do I Wet Myself...or Laugh?

While in Surgery Clinic today (an ever-fun game of peeing in the wind to see which doctor wants us where and when), I had this patient.

Me: "Good afternoon. I'm here with Dr. Snarky Surgeon. My name is Luckyone. How are you?" *Out goes the hand to shake*

Patient: "I have OCD. I don't shake hands."

Me: Oh goody. This must be good. (I've found the best way to handle patients with psychological problems is just simply acknowledge them, and move on with minimal to no pandering.) "Ok. No problem. What can we do for you today."

Patient: "I'd really rather talk to the doctor alone, is that all right with you."

Me: "Of course, absolutely. Whatever you are comfortable with."

Five minutes later: Surgeon to me: "She told me that since her operation she has needed to wipe more on the left than the right. What am I supposed to do with that?!?!"

Do I wet myself...or laugh??

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