Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Adventures in CTAing

Ahhh yes!!! Another instalment!

Several times over the past few weeks I have seen the same lady at the train station while I wait. At first I just happened to notice something isn't right here, and now I look for her. This lady will get off the train, headphones in tow, and proceed to beebop whatever music she's listening to. Seems normal right? Yeah I thought so too, until I saw her peer around a corner, and then cackle like a kookabura. Not so normal. Then I watched as she proceeded to stalk/creep/walk like she was imitating one of the dozens of pigeons that crowd the train platforms. Ever have one of those moments where you just look at someone and before you realize hey there's something not quite right about this poor lady you're thinking something is not right!!!! It's subtle but there is a difference!!

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