Thursday, February 18, 2010

Work's rants

I'm disturbed that I can still remember the number to Fisher Scientific's customer service line. 1-800-766-7000. Press 1 for new orders, # to speak with an agent. I always wanted an agent so I could finger point (how chivalrous of me, I know). Regulated industry is all about CYA! I probably remember it because I only called them at least twice a week, and sometimes more. I do not know the account number, and never did. The company recognized the phone number, and I would confirm my identity. If for some bizarre reason I needed the number I had an online user account that was linked to a password, but it took some fishing to get the actual number. So wonderful Royston facility workers need not be worried that I can still rack up illicit purchases!

I'm rediscovering some of my dormant OCD-ness. I've felt the need to book all of my airline tickets NINE MONTHS before I need them, at least the vital ones. To be fair there are only so many flights off of this island getting the good ones require vigilance and staying on top of things. After purchasing the blasted ticket, however, I noticed that my American Airlines flight from San Juan to Dominica in May had been moved by four hours from a 2:00pm departure to a 10:10am departure. American neglected to inform me of this. God only knows what would have happened if I had checked later. The catch you ask? My Delta flight from Atlanta wasn't due to LAND in San Juan until 12:15pm. See the problem??? A slight drawback resulting from having to buy two separate tickets. In the end it was all good as I was able to change the Delta ticket free of charge. On the flipside I now have to overnight in San Juan as opposed to being able to do it all in one day. Oh well. The positive is I now don't have to wake up at 5:30 to be at the airport in time for an 8:30 flight as my new flight leaves early evening. Thanks American Airlines. That is one tally mark in the NEGATIVE column for you.

I would also like to know why I always get the divine pleasure of sitting behind people who insist on putting their backpacks on the back of the row, as opposed to under their seat like the vast majority of people. This is INCREDIBLY annoying for tall people like myself who have long legs and people who have to end up walking up and down the aisle. A quick survey around the room yields that most people have put their backpacks in the seat next to them or under their seat. That brings me to another point, two seats is marginal, but you do not need to take up three spaces with your spread out crap. My lovely Canuck for some reason insists she needs all these spaces when in reality she just has piles and piles of paper there. Really now, you only read on packet at a time, organize the rest of them. Most of us manage to only use one space, why do some people need three (and I've seen one or two people spread out across five). The biggest irk though is the inconsiderate boobs who insist on placing their backpacks in the most inconvenient places. Sorry ladies, but you're the worst offenders!

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