Sunday, February 28, 2010

Medical Students are WEIRD

This makes me wonder what bizarre things I do that I don't realize. Aside from my neurotic need to draw lined boxes all over sheets of paper and in books, and wear my sunglasses indoors, I'm not sure what mine could be. Nonetheless...THIS is ridiculous. I only wish I had a picture of Towel Head to accompany it. Honestly man, if you want to be that comfortable go home and study on your bed/couch/floor. After this picture was taken, he covered up with the blanket you can see in the background. WTF...

So, who is Towel Head you ask? Towel Head is a kid who, true to his name, carries the same freakin' towel with him everywhere. Instead of sleeping in his apartment like a normal person he takes random naps all over campus and goes home once a week. His reason? He doesn't like his apartment...This is not the Iron Curtain. You can move to another apartment at any time.

Also, the smell of revolting...

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