Friday, February 26, 2010

The never-ending cycle

Mini 2 is just around the corner. Is it just me or does it feel like we were just taking Mini 1 from Semester 1??? This semester has, so far, gone by MUCH quicker than last semester. I think the majority of it is I'm more accustomed to Dominica and its culture's juxtapositions with my own. That doesn't mean I like them any better, but they're not throwing me for a loop every other day like they did last semester. I'm not nearly as annoyed when I have to wait three extra minutes to get change. I still don't understand why people here move like they're tied down to a Bowflex machine, but I deal because it's either deal, or gain five pounds due to stress. What's the better option?

I've been going through yet another round of Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac infatuation the last few weeks. Two weeks ago I was given an assignment on the affects of cocaine in PBL, and after reading about the hoarseness that cocaine abuse can cause I was trying to think of a real-world example just to liven up the discussion, and my mind floated to Stevie Nicks, a well-known cocaine abuser. Thanks to I was able to procure the Rock a Little and The Wild Heart albums for a grand total of $1.00. Fly, right? Cocaine habit aside, I really enjoy her music. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I would (disturbingly) find myself completely zoning out while listening to the lyrics, only to find myself about to run off the road. As a result I had to 86 the Stevie-in-the-car thing. Of course on the flipside it makes long flights so much quicker...

I've also had difficulty getting to sleep the last few nights. I'm not positive, but it wouldn't surprise me if the oppressive, sticky heat this week has had anything to do with it. The night before last I just sat in the bed for hours, feeling sticky and gross and wide awake. I ended reading all about B-cells until I just couldn't stand the fun anymore, and substituted it for an episode of Roseanne. Even more exciting, no?

I'm annoyed that I can't follow the healthcare (sidenote, why do I always want to spell that word "h-e-a-t-h"? I've been doing that since the fourth grade) clustergem back home. The only thing I've been able to glean so far is that aside from it being MORE expensive Mr. Obama is proposing to eliminate the Nebraska deal and the public option. He is however, proposing tax hikes on the top income earners. Won't that please the wealth envy crowd? Never mind that taxing the top earners gives them less incentives to provide jobs, which is where the real issue is in the economy. Higher taxes and higher unemployment go hand-in-hand. Now of course the "spend your way out of recession" crowd will use that line, BUT, like many of them were mussing and fussing about during the Iraq War (myself included) I'm left asking WHERE THE HELL IS THIS MONEY COMING FROM? Did we make some under-the-table deal with Greece?? Is that why they're bankrupt? Ok, teeth are gnashing and my blood pressure's going up. I'm going to have to leave this topic alone for a little while.

I sometimes wonder if the random and disjointed nature of my posts/thoughts are coherent to anyone but myself, even though I know of only two or three people who actually read this blog. I must say I rarely have time to actually sit down and write well thought out postings because that takes time and EDITING. On top of that there are usually three or four thoughts flying around my head at once anyway, and if I were to do a complete posting on each and every one of them as I would like to, I'd never get anything done. I'm far too scatterbrained. Don't most people think in blips and blurbs anyway as opposed to essays and soliloquies? How much more effective is it?

One last mentioning. I'm getting really bad about letting my email inbox rack up 300 and 400 messages (most of them unread Facebook notifications) before I ever get the impetus to actually delete them. Never mind that I check my email a minimum of 432 times per day...

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