Thursday, December 24, 2009


I hate wrapping packages about as much as I hate writing "Thank-you" notes. Honestly, isn't me saying thanks enough? You're going to read that note in about fifteen seconds and take another five, maybe ten - max, to throw it into the garbage. Factor in the five it took me to write it, another three or four for addressing the envelope, and then the time (and money) it took to get the thing to you... do you see where I'm doing with this...

Wrapping packages is made infinitely easier when the back of the wrapping paper has the little grid lines. AMAZING! Odd-shaped packages are the devil.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my new MacBook Pro (did I mention I LOVE it?). Insert picture of me hugging it HERE. I've also been totally absorbed in copying most of my CD library onto my iTunes. It's amazing how many cheesy/fantastic country songs I have from the 1990's. I mean, Pam Tillis?? C'mon. It's also interesting to me how my taste in music is so completely random. I like some people's new stuff and hate their old stuff (Madonna is a really good example, not a fan of most of her early work). I also can't stand some people's new stuff and really like their old stuff (anything Toby Keith did after 2000 will not be found on my iTunes). Then, of course, there are some artists whose work I have the entire freakin' catalogue and they really cannot make a bad album (Stevie Nicks, Garth Brooks, and a few others). I brought Toby Keith up because I found a "Greatest Whatever" CD of his that had about ten songs from the early 90's that I love that i didn't know he did. Amazing!


I've been back home a week now. For the most part it's been what I expected. Family interspersed with friends. I figured if I wanted to go out then the first weekend was going to be the best option before New Year's because everyone (including me) was going to be spending time with family, and on top of that most of the best places are DEAD right now. Friday night (the night after I got home) Amigo, Redd, and I went to 8E's in Athens. Great place. I love 8E's music... so that says enough right there. The place would be perfect if only it didn't have more than its allotted per capita of cougars. Yes, that's right. COUGARS! Thankfully said Cougar had much more interest in Amigo than she did in me, but it got kinda of creepy. We had to team up to get rid of the cougar. CREEPY. I think we all had a good time regardless of the cougar. She only (from what I can tell) got to be a bit much the last hour or so of a five hour evening, so I guess it's hard to complain. Perhaps Amigo can add some commentary and perspective.

I found out that one of my favorite songs "Steamy Windows" originally recorded by Tina Turner was also recorded by Kenny Chesney and John Anderson (????) begging your pardon. This required investigation, so I Youtubed those two versions. The findings were less than satisfactory. Tina Turner doesn't exactly have a twang-free voice, so the song has plenty of twang. Then those two come in and add MORE twang to an already twangy bluesy song. That's just too much twang. And frankly she sang THAT song with much more enthusiasm than either of those two. They sang it half-heartedly and with no conviction. You're singing about a romp on a country road... at least act like you enjoyed it for cryin' out loud! Very often I enjoy remakes as much or MORE than the originals... but not here. Not here. Sad and epic fail on your parts Kenny and John...

Why are we still making American Pie movies? How many movies about hormonal teenagers do we need? Can we at least make them under the pretense of NOT having a chain of movies teaching you how to make stupid decisions??? We all do that so well on our own...

So I passed my first semester of medical school. Woohoo, right? I was in the mall doing some shopping and I checked Facebook (on my iPhone, we're long-lost loves reunited -- and it feels so good) and some people had posted that they had passed this class or that class or made a 4.0 and whatnot, and I immediately went into OCD-Jay mode and set about trying to check mine. It was a little tedious because they send grades to us in a word format, which the iPhone had to think for a minute about opening. But when I saw that I had passed everything I was massively relieved! All that work did pay off!

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