Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Little Rascals

Sissified Tweety Bird
Barf-encrusted jumbo jerk
Muzak-warbling whimp

Are just some of the gems that I was able to remember and write down after I basically spent ALL FREAKIN' DAY in front of the TV. Those particular ones came from The Little Rascals. I remember going to see that movie when it came out with Grandmama and Granddaddy. It's a fond memory I have of Granddaddy. Ahhh, 1994, 2nd grade...ok, that's a little too long in the way back machine

I also had the urge to schlep to the refrigerator every fifteen minutes. That's a primary indicator that I'm bored. After I got home everything was absorbed with the buildup to Christmas -- which is of course, awesome. However, I'm now slogging through the post-Christmas doldrums, and after two days it's gotten old!!!! It's nobody's fault, but there's nothing to do. I'm tired, everybody's tired. I'm enjoying my new "toys", but two days of sitting around in front of the TV is about all I can take. Tomorrow I'm going to go and take care of a few things and/or just wander around and see if there are any deals just too good to be true. I do want a case for my computer, and just a chance to be out and about by myself. I've found this to happen a lot since I left for college. After basically living by yourself or with just one other person you have a lot of time to yourself and it's very easy to be alone when you want to be. Not so! when you go back home, and it usually shows up after about a week. Everybody wants to see you and they want to see you like every fifteen minutes. I love you but I need my space!!! lol. I'm sure that's a new degree of selfish.

I've thoroughly been enjoying the cold weather. It's nice to have to put on a coat and gloves and not be drenched in sweat. Ask me again after this next weekend in Chicago where it's due to be 18 degrees F!!!! Oh well, I've survived much colder!!!! 18 F = about -8 C. When I was in Armenia it was routinely down to -19 C, which is about 4 F, so coldwise I know I can survive it (which a giant butt coat). Me hiding somewhere in that coat:

We had good times with friends and family the week up to Christmas. Old friends of the family were at our house for most of the night and we spent most of the day prior and of cooking. We also were able to have lunch with Grandmama and then visit with my aunt and cousins for a little while after. There are four of us cousins that were born basically one after another. I'm the oldest grandson. The oldest grandchild is the only granddaughter of the crew. She's 9 months older than I am. My brother and her brother are also nine months apart, and about three years younger than we are so it's kinda weird! It also makes me kinda sad because my uncle and his wife had their child (my cousin) only recently. He'll be three soon. It makes me sad because we all had each other to play with at family functions and whatnot, and we more or less grew up together, but he won't have that. My uncle is the youngest child on that side of the family, and everybody else that had kids had them much earlier than he did. So the reality is that I probably won't know my new little cousin very well and he won't know me. Sadness.

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