Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The New Year

It caught me by surprise that New Year's Eve is tomorrow. For some reason I thought there was an extra day in between whatever TODAY was, and New Year's Eve. Whoops. I was wrong! I was hitting tennis balls with Amigo and the subject came up, and the result is that I'm an idiot. I also stepped up to serve from the deuce court when I should have been serving from the ad court more times today than I ever have in my life COMBINED! I think my brain took leave for the day... To boot the ball was just not bouncing. It was so cold that even a can of tennis balls that was freshly opened today was bouncing like the balls were opened last year, sat around in a puddle of mud, rinsed on Heavy Wash in the dishwasher, and given a good scrubbing with an SOS pad to boot. I don't think I could possibly ever ascribe more detail to the bouncing of a tennis ball. Please shoot me if I ever attempt.

So, now here comes the cheesy sappy ooey gooey reflections part that every pretentious badjagaloop insists on prattling on about -- indulge thyself!

*SIDE NOTE* -- iTunes, two gooey pop songs need not be followed by three more...

2009 was a good year pretty much from start to finish, in such STARK contrast to the Annus horribilis that preceded it. I was shaking hands with 2008 and inserting the toe of my boot in it's proverbial hind end. Over half of 2008 spewed forth feces and melancholy at every turn, so you can, of course, imagine my despair at seeing it go.
2009 turned out to be MUCH better on all fronts. No epic disappointments. No fair weather friends. No illusions (or self delusions). Just good. I hope I carry the good mindset onward an into 2010, because I went through and learned a lot.

*Side note* do we say "Twenty ten," or "two thousand ten"???*

I'm looking forward to ringing in the New Year with some friends. It will be somewhat subdued as I have a flight out at 10am on New Year's Day, but that's ok. New Year's Eve is not the best night to lose your bearing and your wits!

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