Monday, November 25, 2013


I'm about a week into my last (!!!!) rotation: Emergency Medicine. I figured that this would be a good one to end with because my interest in doing another rotation is pretty much nil, and this would at least keep me moving and doing something. And so far that has indeed, happened which has been great. The schedule? Not so much. Because of interviews (mine and everyone else's) what is normally four or five overnights in a row, followed by the name number of morning shifts, and the same number of day shifts, and totally been thrown askew. Everybody is gone at random times, and as such the schedule is totally random. It messes with my sleep schedule (I know, I just have it so rough). 

Got to incise and rain and abscess. Had done it before in surgery, but they patient was unconscious. This guy was awake.

Had a rather strange occurrence, a patient came in for whatever reason with her mother. Mother had been there for about four hours (and I saw her sitting more or less content and comfortable) when she decided to inform the staff that she had been suffering from gastritis for about a week and needed to be seen. I'm not sure what to make of that.

So a full-blown tonic-clonic seizure, which was kind of cool.

Had more than one schizophrenic patient (one with pronounced tardive dyskinesia) who proceeded to make their presence very well known, which for me as a future (hopefully) psychiatrist was good experience and a bit interesting.

I've been on the interview trail for the past month as well...and goodness between the travel and the interviews themselves and working that around my rotation schedule it has definitely been interesting. They have for the most part been fun and enjoyable. But there's always this feeling of inadequacy within me, and I have no idea how it's going to turn out. Stay tuned for updates.

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