Monday, June 24, 2013


Saturday, a group of us decided to escape the city for the day. One of two Pride Weekends was this weekend in Chicago. Obviously I have no qualms about gays. What I do have qualms about is thousands of drunk gays blocks from my apartment, many of them behaving obnoxiously. I have many gay friends who feel the same. So we left before the insanity of the middle of the day festivities could get moving. We went to the Miller Factory, which was fun (and free...). Then we went to the Harley Davidson Museum, which was very much so not free, so we elected not to go in. I may save that one for my brother. Afterward we went to the Milwaukee Public Market, which was very enjoyable with enough esoteric food and snack options for just about any foodie. We took our food to a nearby park. At which point it was getting later in the day, so we headed back to Chitown. The festivities were still in motion, including a never-ending thump thump thump thump from a techno tent, but as I was tired and there was a Blackhawks game on, I was content to stay in my living room without feeling as if I were confined. And I happily watched the Blackhawks win. 

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