Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Less than a week until I stop kvetching so much...

I have less than a week until I take my CK. I am completely and totally over it. But I keep doing questions. I have one (ONE!) more section of UWorld to go. The downside is it's 350 questions. But I can do it. I figure I can do half tomorrow and half Friday. Then I have four days to do nothing but review, and maybe do a few more practice questions from a MCQ book I have stashed away. The excitement is palpable isn't it? The problem is there are 5647465 things I would rather be doing than endless sets of multiple choice questions. It's particularly frustrating when Patient comes in with seven completely vague and nonspecific symptoms. Yet I'm given answer A-H and one of those usually closely related answers is the question. In the real world of medicine the treatment for two of those is usually the same, and therefore if you just so happen to be slightly off the patient is still helped -- disturbing as it sounds it happens all the time folks. On the test? Oh nay. Gotta have the exact answer. 

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