Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quite a long day...

...but it was well worth it!! We had a LOT (and by a lot, I mean almost thirty) of patients today. I'm almost done with family, so my attending doesn't seem to have much objection to me seeing many of the patients alone, and doing a lot of the work and writing before she gets there. Obviously this hinges on the patients being ok with that, and they know upfront if they want to wait for the doctor they can, and occasionally patients do request that I not come in the room. I am ok with that, because it gives me a chance to over the paperwork and charts that the doctor has me do, and then present to her. I usually get this done in the morning as I try to arrive at least 30 minutes before the patients. The doctor does not, but she's the doctor and I'm the student. (Sidenote, as I write this, the Cubs just won in extra innings against the Cardinals. The game was in extra innings when I got home, and the fans at Wrigley were making it impossible for me to avoid turning the game on, I could hear them that well, it was awesome!! In three minutes the stadium will be completely empty.) I don't even want to think about long it would take her to get through an equal patient load if she didn't have a student there. Anyway, today's said paperwork was a  MOUNTAIN. I think my doctor is a procrastinator at heart (I am not...fill the in the blanks) and like most procrastinators does beautifully when there are mountains of things that must be done RIGHT THIS MINUTE. I have not yet acquired appreciation for this art form. I see a pile of papers and want to whittle away at it categorically and succinctly. Anyway, long story short (too late) we were at the clinic until 2030, and then went to the hospital to do a newborn check. That was really cool! This baby was Babinski-ing all over the place. It was awesome. Then, because it was 935 at this point, the doctor pretty much insisted on driving me home. My apartment and her house are pretty much at diagonal corners of Chicago. It was very nice of her to offer!!!

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